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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

From the Gardens Registrar: Corner Posts and Plot Markers; Workdays and Workday Fees; When Can You Apply For a Garden For Next Year?; Workday To Be Determined

Hello Gardeners,                       

CORNER POSTS AND PLOT MARKERS – A couple of our fellow gardeners have just spent quite a number of hours walking through Eagle Heights looking for corner posts and plot markers, and making sure they were correctly placed. Every plot now has corner markers, and most are in the correct position. (There are a few oddities that still have to be corrected – why can’t all the rows be in straight lines?) Miraculously, only two plot number signs are missing. Thank you very much to the gardeners who took care of this. And a reminder – these markers are not to be moved. They mark the boundaries of plots, and are placed where they are for a reason.  (If you think one is in the wrong place, email me and I’ll take a look at it.) Also, these markers are not plant stakes. Please do not move them.

WORKDAYS AND WORKDAY FEES – We will probably still have four more workdays before the end of the season. So if you want to work one, you’ll have more chances to sign up. If you aren’t able to attend a workday, you will need to pay the $32 workday fee instead. This must be in the form of a check, made payable to UW Division of Housing. The deadline for submitting that fee is December 1. I cannot renew garden plots for people who have not either done a workday or paid the fee. If you want to pay the fee, and it’s after December 1, there is a late penalty of an additional $20.
If you are not sure whether or not you did a workday this year, or paid for the workday with your 2018 fees, please email me, and I’ll be happy to check for you. And a reminder: when you do a workday, be sure to write your name and plot number on the workday sheet, so I know you were there. (But if you forget your plot number, like most people do, I can find it.)

WHEN CAN GARDENERS APPLY FOR 2019? – The 2019 applications will be available on our website (eagleheightsgardens.org) beginning December 15, 2018. They will look suspiciously like the 2018 applications. (Except that they’ll say, “2019.”) I don’t expect we will be changing either the application or the fees for next year. You can fill the application out on-line and email it to me, but you will still need to drop off or mail the fees. Your application isn’t complete until I get your check. We cannot accept cash or credit cards – only personal checks or money orders, made payable to UW Division of Housing. Money orders are easy to get – at post offices, grocery stores, and convenience stores. We will also have paper applications, in English, and in Chinese, at the Community Center, beginning December 15. Please read through the garden rules and regulations before you fill out the application – you’re responsible for knowing and following those.

The deadline for RENEWING your plot is February 15. If you send in an application after that date, I’ll renew your plot for you if it’s still available, but it might already have been assigned to someone else.

What if you want to return to the gardens, but you want a different plot? – Fill out the application, including the number of the plot you had in 2018, and indicate that you want a different location. Please explain the location you’d prefer to move to, or the conditions (i.e., sunnier or dryer) you’d prefer. I will do my best to find you what you’re looking for, once I know which plots aren’t being renewed.

WORKDAY THIS WEEKEND? – If a workday is set for this weekend, I will send out an announcement separately, with the link to sign up.

Happy Gardening,

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