Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hello Gardeners,

Row Reps
Would you like to be a row representative at our community gardens?  We are looking for a few gardeners to give this volunteer role a try.
A row rep is someone who supports the garden in two ways.  The first is to build community among the gardeners in a row.  The second is to help the garden function.  The details of these two activities will depend on the community of gardeners in your row.
Building community for your row might include introducing gardeners to each other, sharing gardening experiences, or simply sharing a warm smile.  This is all about the gardeners feeling like being at the garden is not just about the produce, soil, etc., but about the people too.
Helping the garden function in your row might include: connecting a gardener with some help they need, assisting in moving items from the path to plots when the garden workers need to mow, helping gardeners understand the importance of the community’s needs (like providing a 6 inch border on their plot and access for their plot neighbors to water), etc. 
We are mostly a self-operated community.  While we have a few paid staff, they cannot possibly meet all the needs of our fellow gardeners.  This volunteer role is a great way to invest in our community.  Please consider being a row rep.  If you are interested, contact me – give me your plot number and a suggestion for the range of plots you might be able to represent.

Jumping Worms
Jumping worms are an invasive kind of earthworm that is spreading throughout gardens and natural areas in the Madison area. They are dangerous because they change the structure of the soil, and they multiply rapidly. We do have some of these jumping worms in the gardens, so please click on this link, look at the pictures and descriptions, and keep an eye out for them.

Happy Gardening,