Thursday, June 3, 2021

 Hello Gardeners, 

Cranes: We’re fortunate to have a family of cranes in the Eagle Heights Garden again this year. The cranes are fairly accustomed to gardeners, and it’s interesting to observe them, from a distanceThey will defend themselves though, especially if they think the baby is being threatened. They are really quite large and have sharp bills so it’s best to give them some space 

Theft: I’m sorry to say that we’ve had some reports of theft in our gardens. Please never enter plots that aren’t yours, and never remove materials or produce from another plot. Knowing your neighbors can be helpful for being aware of who has cause to be in a plot. If you notice anything unusual, please do let me know.  

Weeding Paths: Please remember to keep the weeds under control on the paths you share with neighbors. Which brings us to: 

Weed bags: Sometimes weeding can seem especially arduous because you have the added task of carting the weeds to the weed pile when you’re done. If it’s a small number of weeds, one way to deal with them is to keep a heavy-duty black plastic bag in your plot for weeds. The weeds will break down quickly as the bag heats up in the sun, especially if you add some water. Once it’s all broken down you can simply dump the bag back into your garden beds. It can be hard sometimes to get all the dirt off the roots of weeds and this system keeps dirt in your plot (which is better for your garden). 

Thanks, and happy gardening,