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Monday, October 24, 2022

From the Registrar: October 24, 2022

 Hello Gardeners, 


End of the season: We’ve reached the end of the season for most things in the gardens. You may still have a few cool-weather crops to harvest, but most plants have stopped producing now. If you haven’t put your garden to bed yet, now is the time. Fortunately, after the rain predicted early in the week, we should still have some mild weather ahead of us to take care of last-minute things in the gardens. If you have not planted garlic yet but would like to, there is still time for that.  

We still have some horse manure available at Eagle Heights gardens. It should not sit there over the winter to wait for the spring thaw, so if you have not yet gotten any to age in your plot, or if you would like more, please take some now. 


Closing day: Closing day at the gardens will be Sunday November 6th. Most of the tools and carts will be put away for the season at this time, but we will leave a few things out for gardeners that want to continue working in their plots. Please make sure that you do not have any community tools in your plot. 


Reminder about applying for 2023: If you want to renew your plot for 2023, please turn in an application on or after December 15th. All gardeners must fill out an application every year. The deadline to renew for returning gardeners is February 15th. I will send a reminder email when the applications are available and again before the renewal deadline. If you already know that you don’t plan to garden again next year, please let me know.  


Workdays for 2022 and 2023: Normally, one workday would be required per plot each season. Due to a workday shortage, the requirements for 2022 and 2023 have been combined, so if you have not completed or paid for a workday in 2022, you can take care of it in 2023. I will send an email to all gardeners that do not have a completed workday in the records. Receiving this email does not mean there is a problem with your status as a gardener. It’s only for your information. If you do not receive an email about your workday, it means I already have a record of you doing one in 2022. 


I will not send regular gardening updates over the winter, but I will send deadline reminders and respond to emails. Please contact me if you have any questions. 


Thanks for a great gardening season! 


Friday, October 14, 2022

From the Registrar: October 14th, 2022

 Hello Gardeners, 


Garlic planting: Mid to late October is the best time to plant garlic in Wisconsin. It's possible to plant it in the spring, but it won’t do as well. If you plant it in the fall, it can begin to grow right away in the spring and take advantage of a longer growing season. Garlic should be planted late enough in the fall that it won’t grow shoots. You can get garlic cloves for planting at a garden store or a Farmers' Market. It’s better not to plant garlic from the grocery store unless you can be certain it hasn’t been treated in any way. There is some helpful information on planting garlic in the garden manual on our website:  



Portable Toilets: The portable toilets will be picked up from the gardens soon and they will be brought back in March next year. 


Thanks, and happy gardening,  



Friday, October 7, 2022

From the Registrar: October 7, 2022

Hello Gardeners,

There is a freeze warning for tonight. If you still have plants that are sensitive to cold in your plot, you can try covering them overnight. It's getting late for tomatoes, peppers and squash though. At this point, you may choose to harvest everything and bring it indoors.

Green tomatoes can continue to ripen off the vine with mixed results, or they can also be cooked as they are. Squash will not store as well if they've been subjected to freezing temperatures. 


Tuesday, October 4, 2022

From the Registrar: October 4, 2022

 Hello Gardeners, 

Gardening in 2023: Every year, all gardeners must reapply for their garden plots. If you’re interested in gardening again in 2023, please make a note that the deadline to apply for renewal is February 15th. Applications will be available beginning December 15th. I will send out a reminder email when applications come out, and again before the February 15th deadline. If you know now that you do not plan to renew your plot, please let me know. 

Water: As a reminder, the water at Eagle Heights (except for the 100 and 500 rows) will be turned off this evening for a repair to the recurring leak by the mulch pile. Hopefully, the UW plumbers will be able to complete it quickly, and the water can be turned back on for a short time before the end of the season. As for when the water will be turned off for good at both gardens, it is usually around Oct 20th. However, we do not get to pick the exact day. An earlier freeze could necessitate it sooner as well.  

Workday opportunity: There will be a workday this Sunday, Oct 9th from 1 pm to 4 pm to weed the retaining wall along the western side of the 700s row. Large weeds are threatening the alignment of the wall, and a work crew is very much needed to remove them and prevent any further damage. Please consider helping with this project! We would like 10 volunteers. Email me if you’re interested, and I will assign spots in the order of replies. 

Thanks, and happy gardening,