Tuesday, May 31, 2022

From the Registrar: May 25, 2022

 Hello Gardeners,   


How the gardens are run: The gardens are run by the gardeners. We have a Garden Committee that meets the second Wednesday of every month via Zoom to discuss policies and plans. All gardeners that are interested are welcome to participate! The Gardens are on UW property, so we do have some policies dictated by the University, but most things related to the Gardens come from the Committee.  

The Gardens have a few part-time employees: A registrar and some garden workers. The registrar does administrative work: assigning plots, answering questions, and explaining the rules. The garden workers take care of the Gardens: doing maintenance and leading workdays. Which brings us to the next subject: 


The Gardens are looking for another garden worker! Here is a message from co-chairs Jessica and Ninja about the position:  

Hi all,  

The gardens are looking to hire an additional garden worker. This is a part-time position and responsibilities include organizing and leading workdays, general maintenance within the gardens including working on water lines, mowing, plot border maintenance, and attending monthly garden committee meetings (second Wednesday of the month 7-8p). Pay is $17/h.  

If you're interested please reach out to Jessica Pritchard (jessica.pritchard@gmail.com) and Ninja Geiger (ninja.geiger@gmail.com) with your resume and why you'd like to work in the gardens. 

Thank you! 


Thanks, and happy gardening,  


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

From the Registrar: May 18, 2022

 Hello Gardeners,   


Contact information: Please make sure that all the gardeners of your plot are getting news and updates from the gardens. It’s just fine to have other people help with your plot, but I’d like to make sure that all information reaches everyone that regularly gardens. If you’d like to add anyone to the email list, please let me know. If you are the principal gardener but someone else often gardens, please consider adding them as a secondary gardener. 


Warm weather plant sale reminder: Scott Williams, from Garden to Be, will be holding his warm weather plant sale at Eagle Heights Gardens this Sunday May 22nd from 10 AM-1 pm. He will set up near the shed. Scott accepts CASH, CHECK, or VENMO (checks payable to “Garden to Be”, and Venmo handle @Scott-Williams-531).  


He'll have: tomatoes, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini, basil, winter squash, pumpkins, melons, peppers, eggplants, head lettuce, salad mix packs, cilantro, thyme, sage, and more. Prices will be the same as his past sale: Single pots $2.50 each and 4 packs $2.50 each. 


Garden juries: Garden juries will begin in June. Juries consist of small groups of gardeners who are assigned to walk through areas of the gardens and report to the registrar about plots that appear weedy or abandoned (or especially nice). There will be five juries at Eagle Heights and one at University Houses, with three gardeners on each jury.   


If you’re interested in being on a garden jury, please let me know. Spots will be assigned in the order that people reply. Each jury will meet three times total: in June, July, and August. Juries will work together to coordinate a meeting each month and turn in their reports. To be consistent with contacting gardeners after the results are in, I’m asking that all juries turn in their reports by the 20th of each month. Being on a garden jury for the season counts as a workday. 


This year we’re adding the responsibility of a “tool jury” to the garden jury duties. At the time that they walk through the gardens, juries will retrieve communal tools that have been left in plots and make notes about tools and carts by the sheds that need attention. 


Thanks, and happy gardening,  


Tuesday, May 10, 2022

From the Registrar: May 10, 2022

 Hello Gardeners,  

Heat wave: The early heat wave might stress some cool-weather crops. Row covers can protect them from the sun, but they can also trap heat inside. Some gardeners put up row cover over only the top, as a shade, so the heat can still escape. This method won’t protect the plants from pests, however.  

Despite the heat, it still may be a little early to plant things like tomatoes and peppers. The recommended time to plant tomatoes here is after May 20th. Beans can be planted a little sooner. 

Some reminders about garden etiquette:  

  • Please put tools away when you’re done. If tools are left in a plot, they aren’t available for other gardeners to use. If they’re left in the mulch piles they can be buried when more mulch is delivered, and the wooden handles will rot. 

  • Never put weeds in the garbage. Also, only plant matter can go in the weed piles. Things like old landscaping cloth should go in the dumpster. 

  • Please never go in another plot or let kids play in another plot unless you have permission from the gardener. Also, last week, we had a dog loose in EH gardens and it was running through plots. Dogs must be on a leash anywhere in the Preserve and Gardens. Dogs don’t know where the paths are, and they can trample plants.   

  • Please don’t take things out of plots that aren’t yours.  

Painted boards: Be cautious of using painted boards in your garden. Often, older boards are painted with lead paint. Lead is toxic, and the paint can chip off and contaminate the soil. It’s better to use unpainted wood unless you are certain the paint doesn't contain lead. 

Row cover still available: If you missed the row cover sales but you would still like to buy some, please let me know. We have plenty of row cover. 


Thanks, and happy gardening,