Thursday, July 14, 2022

From the Registrar: July 14, 2022

 Hello Gardeners,   

Reminder: Reporting maintenance issues: Please use this new form to report all maintenance and repair requests (It is ONLY for maintenance requests): 

It can also be accessed from the website, on the sidebar and under the “Gardeners” tab:  

Mexican bean beetles: There have been some sightings of bean beetles at Eagle Heights Gardens. The Mexican bean beetle (Epilachna varivestis) is in the same family as ladybugs, and the adults resemble an orange ladybug. The larvae are yellow and spiny: 

As we have in previous years, we have ordered parasitic wasps (Pediobius faveolatus) to try to keep them under control. Please look at your beans and let me know if you have bean beetles in your plot. We’re looking for volunteers with bean beetles willing to have the wasps put in their plots. These wasps are very small and don’t sting people.  

Independent workday opportunities: Please contact me if you’re interested in doing an independent workday weeding and/or mulching. The workday is the same three-hour time commitment, but it can be done on your own schedule if completed within the allotted time. 

Sunday workday opportunity: There will be a group workday at Eagle Heights Gardens this Sunday 7/17 from 1:30-4:30 pm. The work crew will be cleaning up a common area with a garden worker. We will need six volunteers. Please email me if you’re interested and I will assign spots in the order people reply. 

Water outages at EH: We have not had any updates yet from the UW plumbers about when they will be making the needed repairs. I have emailed them to request that they prioritize it as we are expecting hot weather. I will let everyone know as soon as we are given more information.  
Thanks, and happy gardening,