Thursday, November 2, 2023

From the Registrar: November 2, 2023

 Hello Gardeners, 

Parking availability extended along Eagle Heights Drive: University Apartments has agreed to extend the gardener parking along Eagle Heights Drive for Eagle Heights gardeners until Nov 15th due to the delay in leaf mulch deliveries. After 11/15 no parking will be permitted there for the remainder of the winter. Parking is also still available at University Houses. 

Leaves delivered: I’m pleased to be able to say that the leaf mulch deliveries have begun. It also looks like we will have some nice weather this weekend to put the Gardens to bed. It’s not too late to plant garlic if you haven’t yet. (page 80)     

Please remember to return all tools and carts to the sheds after you use them. They will be put inside for the winter. If they are abandoned in the snow all winter the handles will rot. 

Translation and/or proofreading request: We are in need of some translation and proofreading for the 2024 applications. We need the following: 

    • A translator to update the Chinese application with changes for 2024.  
    • A proofreader for the 2024 Spanish application. 
    • A proofreader for the 2024 Turkish application. 
    • Other translations of the application in any language are always welcome! If you are interested in translating the application into a language that we do not have available yet, please let me know. 

Thanks, and happy gardening,  




Friday, October 27, 2023

From the Registrar: October 27, 2023

 Hello Gardeners, 

Closing day extended and leaf mulch updateClosing day at the gardens will be extended a week. It will now be Sunday November 12thWe have just learned that leaf mulch deliveries can be expected to begin next week but most of the deliveries will be in mid-November. We will ensure that carts and tools are available for those that want to spread leaf mulch on their plots once it arrives. 

Freeze warning: There is a freeze warning for tonight. If you still have plants that are sensitive to coldtoday is the day to harvest everything and bring it indoors. The forecast after today only looks colder, and we may get some snow in the next week. 


Thanks, and happy gardening,  




Thursday, October 19, 2023

From the Registrar: October 19, 2023

 Hello Gardeners, 

2024 Garden registration fees: Due to increased operating costs the registration fees for Eagle Heights and University Houses Community Gardens will be going up in 2024. The increases are more substantial for UW staff, alumni, and community membersWe have increased the fees for UW apartment residents and students at a lower rate. It is our priority to support these residents and students in the gardens and provide the lowest fees to those who need them. Eagle Heights and University Houses Gardens are funded by plot registration fees. We must be able to meet operating costs, and fees have not increased since 2011.  

To apply for a garden plot as a student, you must meet the same criteria that UW Apartments uses to determine residency eligibility for students. From their website: 

In order to live in University Apartments, graduate students must carry a minimum of two credits per semester for an academic year. If a student is a dissertator, three credits per semester for an academic year are required. Undergraduate students (with families) must carry a minimum of six credits per semester for an academic year. 

Students should submit a course schedule with their garden application. Applicants may appeal to the Garden Committee regarding their student status. 

The no-workday fee will also increase for all groups. Please see this chart for new fee details: 

Application fee per plot as follows (status of primary gardener): 

  Large plot 

Small plot 

Eagle Heights, University Houses, and Harvey Street Residents/UW Students 



UW Faculty and Staff/ UW Alumni/ Community Members (everyone else) 



No Workday Option (per plot in addition to the above fee) 




Closing day: Closing day at the gardens will be Sunday November 5th. Most of the tools and carts will be put away for the season at this time, but we will leave a few things out for gardeners that want to continue working in their plots. Please make sure that you do not have any community tools in your plot. 

Portable Toilets: The portable toilets will be picked up from the gardens next week and they will be brought back in March of next year. 


Reminder about applying for 2024: Please put the renewal deadline for 2024 on your calendar now. It will be February 15th, 2024If you want to renew your plot for 2024, you must turn in an application by this day at the latest. All gardeners must fill out an application every year. I will send more reminder emails when the applications are available and again before the renewal deadline. Late applications have to be treated as new applications, so please do not miss the deadline if you want to keep your plot. 

Thanks, and happy gardening,