Thursday, November 2, 2023

From the Registrar: November 2, 2023

 Hello Gardeners, 

Parking availability extended along Eagle Heights Drive: University Apartments has agreed to extend the gardener parking along Eagle Heights Drive for Eagle Heights gardeners until Nov 15th due to the delay in leaf mulch deliveries. After 11/15 no parking will be permitted there for the remainder of the winter. Parking is also still available at University Houses. 

Leaves delivered: I’m pleased to be able to say that the leaf mulch deliveries have begun. It also looks like we will have some nice weather this weekend to put the Gardens to bed. It’s not too late to plant garlic if you haven’t yet. (page 80)     

Please remember to return all tools and carts to the sheds after you use them. They will be put inside for the winter. If they are abandoned in the snow all winter the handles will rot. 

Translation and/or proofreading request: We are in need of some translation and proofreading for the 2024 applications. We need the following: 

    • A translator to update the Chinese application with changes for 2024.  
    • A proofreader for the 2024 Spanish application. 
    • A proofreader for the 2024 Turkish application. 
    • Other translations of the application in any language are always welcome! If you are interested in translating the application into a language that we do not have available yet, please let me know. 

Thanks, and happy gardening,